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Bald Beaver Gets To Eat A Big Banana

On October 1, 2016 · 0 Comments

bald cunts

Fruits are good for you; they are healthy and help you to balance out your body with all their vitamins and minerals. But you can do a lot more with them than just eat. Our girl Jess was keen on proving that when she was at our studio the other day. This active girl always carries a piece of fruit in her handbag and that day she brought a big banana with her. She started eating it in her five minute break and when we returned to wrap up the session she asked whether or not we could do something with her and her food of choice. Off course we said yes, since we’re always in for something new and there she went: stuffing that big banana up her bald beaver. We couldn’t even turn on the camera, she was just too quick. So we had to ask her politely to take it our of her shaved cunt and start all over again. Which she did with pleasure. Check out the rest of the shoot after the click.

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