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Fisting Shaved Cunts

On December 3, 2016 · 0 Comments

shaved cunts

Looking at a girl who’s shoving a hand up her muff is a great way to waste a bit of time. And when those hands are disappearing in shaved cunts, it’s even more pleasurable. Take for instance the chick in the clip. It’s not really a professional photo shoot, I just happened to have my camera with me when I ran in to her at a party. We started talking and really got in to each other, so she took me to her studio down town. We had a great night and I must say she was a really great girl: nice tits, pierced smooth pussy and a pretty face. When I walked in the bathroom the morning after she was in the shower, playing with the shower head. I asked her if I could snap some photographs and she didn’t mind. She even started goofing around for me, resulting in this great picture. I call it “Fisting Shaved Cunts”. A perfect fit.

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Arty Farty Shaved Cunt

On November 26, 2016 · 0 Comments

bald cunts

Nothing beats the view of a nice shaved cunt with a pair of beautiful perky tits on top. This chick certainly is very proud of her shaved snatch and she wants nothing more than to share it with the world. That’s why she knocked at my door one day and practically begged me to shoot her photos and put them online. She didn’t even want money for them. Fine by me, I grabbed my camera, she threw off the little clothing she was wearing and there we went. I have to admit it’s a very pretty girl, so I didn’t really mind. I love those bald beavers and I know you do too. Enjoy the show!

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Stunning Redhead With Perfect Bald Beaver

On November 19, 2016 · 0 Comments

shaved cunts

I got one word and three letters to describe this smoking hot babe: wow! That’s the one word that pops in to my head when I see her. Carly is her name and teasing is her game. She is well aware of her assets and she is certainly not afraid of using them for or against you. Her brilliant red hairs are simply astonishing, much like the rest of her body. Her face is one to die for and you can swim for days in those deep blue eyes. We got the luck to see her without a single piece of clothing and she is revealing her perfectly shaped titties just for us. And would you check that bald beaver? Man, I bet she has one of those permanent waxes or so, because that is some smooth skin down there. Click through for access to all of her images.

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Pretty Blonde Reveals Her Hairless Pussy

On November 12, 2016 · 0 Comments

shaved cunt

I politely invite you to click the sample and check out this hot babe’s complete image gallery. She is such a stunner, you won’t believe it. I just quickly grabbed a small image, but only the real big once do her justice. Her hairless pussy is so silky and smooth… I’ve never ever seen such a perfect clit. It is anatomically perfect and the rest of her body isn’t too bad either. He lovely small titties fit her body perfectly. Her great smile is one to die for and I would do a lot for a night with her. Too bad she’s all for the ladies, but that is off course opening a bit more perspectives. I asked her to do a girl on girl video and she agreed. We didn’t shoot it yet, but keep an eye open for it to appear. It won’t take that long anymore and it’s going to rock your world.

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Spreading And Stuffing The Bald Beaver

On November 5, 2016 · 0 Comments

shaved cunt

Perfect babe Jessica is showing her skills on this photo. Look closely and you’ll notice her stuffing her bald beaver while she manages to widely spread her legs in the air. Imagine you coming in when she is on the floor like that. I’d give her a good pumping in her ass, that’s for sure. She wouldn’t be allowed to take out that vibrator. There’s more than enough room for two, sweetie. Just keep those legs widely spread and you’ll be fine. Her beautiful body deserves better than to be handled with a silly fake dick, don’t you think?

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Pretty Girl Teases The Camera With Her Shaved Snatch

On October 29, 2016 · 0 Comments

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Look at that pretty girl and how she is teasing the camera. Seductively gazing in the lens and provocatively lifting the front piece of her little skirt. And just wait until she sits down with her shaved snatch totally in the open and her wonderful boobies showing from underneath that tight tank top. Her nipples seem to be made out of concrete and her all natural tits form the perfect base for them. She’ll stuff her shaved cunt with a big ass dildo and the camera crew enjoyed every second of it. You can just tell by the quality of the images that they all really went in to it. So get off your ass and click through to this babe’s fucking horny image gallery!

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Japanese Shaved Cunts

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